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We at NURSE Solar Solutions Private Limited are committed to provide green electricity through Solar Energy by various available systems to every corner of the Indian society. With the same aim the company has taken an initiative to promote solar equipments with very reasonable pricing.The packages are designed in such a way that it can be afford by every segment of the society.

The company having its head office in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh has its network in Pan India with the quality manufacturer of solar panels, solar battery and other supported items. The Directors having an experience of more than a decade in engineering and service segment are capable to provide the strong technical support to achieve the batter installation and hand over of the sites. Also the company is promoting the sales on incentive basis in which the customers not only can use solar energy but also can make money by further promoting the products in the market.

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Why Solar?

With the increase in the technology the uses of electricity has drastically increased but the production is limited as most of the electricity generation is coal based which has limited availability. Solar energy has been seen as an alternative to this. Going solar not only reduces the consumption of coal but also save us from various hazardous pollutions. It is green energy which causes no pollution and last forever.

Types of Solar


Solar Energy

Passive solar energy is the type of harnessing the sun without the use of mechanical devices. Using sun-facing windows to get natural lighting and heat the homes are an example of using passive solar energy. Meanwhile converting the solar energy into useful energy using mechanical devices, collection, storage and distribution of energy to be used in the future is called the active solar energy. There are several useful ways active solar energy can be used to take advantages from.

While we discuss the common ways of how solar energy can be used it is important to know the useful types of energy it can be converted into. There are three most useful types which are:

This Energy is used to satisfy heating needs by capturing the energy of the sun for heating applications such as buildings, water or swimming pools. Solar thermal power can be used for traditional heating applications to satisfy human needs.

In recent times many developments in solar thermal technology have been made which makes these systems more reliable and more efficient. New technologies are re-imagining solar thermal systems by incorporating photovoltaic (PV) components in it.

Concentrating solar-thermal power systems are generally used for utility-scale projects. These utility-scale CSP plants can be configured in different ways. Power tower systems arrange mirrors around a central tower that acts as the receiver. Linear systems have rows of mirrors that concentrate the sunlight onto parallel tube receivers positioned above them.

The type of energy is made by converting solar energy into electricity to be stored and utilized later. This conversion is done by using photovoltaic solar cells. Light hitting a photovoltaic cell is converted into electricity by semiconductors. A photovoltaic panel consists of several cells producing direct current, which is then converted into alternating current by an inverter. These Panels can be used in small systems or large plants to generate energy from the biggest renewable energy source; Sun.

Solar electricity, Photovoltaic cooling, Photovoltaic solar lighting are the solar applications we can use to take advantage of photovoltaic solar power.


Solar Panel

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